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Remote Working

There are many ways to work remotely – not all are equal, and no one solution will suit every business or individual.

There are serious security issues relating to remote working – all very manageable, but important to address.

Camera Systems

Changes to working situations requires a rethink on CCTV – there is more coming and going, expensive equipment is widely distributed,  premises may be largely empty and the people that need to keep an eye on things could be anywhere – we specialise in creating flexible systems that can deliver from anywhere, can be monitored from anywhere and work!

Phone Systems

We do distributed phone systems – you can be at your desk, home office or on the beach, but still be just an extension away- do all the things you would expect and no-one will ever know where you are!

What we do for you


Impact Assessment

We know what to ask, we listen very hard, and we can advise on the impact of change.


Staff Training

Office skills out of the office are critical and there may be no colleagues to give a hand – we bridge the skills gap.


Crisis Management

If it all goes wrong we can move fast to shore things up, and plug the gaps whilst implementing a disaster recovery plan.


Getting Remote Working Right

One size does not fit all – whether it is a VPN, Remote Desktop, Cloud or Hybrid we can help you make the right decision, and then see that through to reality.


Keeping Watch

Your key people could be anywhere but they need a handle on what is going on – we specialise in extending CCTV for montitoring and security so that it becomes a simple and effective tool.


Tech Outreach

Whether it is extending your phone system to home desk or providing an enterprise WiFi Mesh that connect you everywhere you go – we have the know-how and capability to make it work.

About Us

Hoki is a family business, founded in 1999, bringing together a breadth of knowledge, skills and experience coupled with best-in-class technology.

“How much have we learnt this year? How much of that do we understand?”


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